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My Values



In business as in life, trust is the most cherished & underrated commodity. Doing the right thing, again & again even when no one is watching. Being ethical in your dealings. Business is never B2B/B2C it's always H2H (Human to Human). Ensuring that you deliver value to people & build win-win outcomes is the only path to long-term, sustainable & wholistic success. You grow when all the stakeholders of your business grow along be it your team members, investors, board, consumers, customers, vendors, merchant partners, etc. Business / any mission is an attempt to create an agglomeration of like-minded equally passionate individuals to solve a challenge be it a product or a country. Trust is a product of Reliability multiplied by Consistency multiplied by Intimacy (NLP) divided by Self Interest. First, ask what you can do for the relationship, your interest is a byproduct & will always be taken care of. 


Digital All the Way

We’re into the most exciting times in the history of mankind. We have an opportunity to alleviate human challenges at scale leveraging technology. Going forward post pandemic, we’ll see the distinction between online & offline business would deplete. Every business will become a technology business. Leveraging technology across all the value chain systems is the only solution to survive & adopt to the ever-changing dynamics of business & politics. If you’re selling food, sell online, if you’re selling health, sell online, if you’re selling building materials even real estate, sell online. Companies that build online value chain modules will eventually eat the business of the ones which don’t.


Product Supremacy

Great companies are built on great products, ensure that you create products that truly add massive value to all stakeholders in the value chain & at the same time ensure economic outcomes at all levels. 90% of the marketing is an amazing product. Ensure whatever you build is built to last. As a founder, a key focus is to ensure that we elongate the cycle of disruption & build products that are not rigid but continuously & consistently evolving. Almost no company in the world has amassed wealth without adding significant value to the world & 1 product is all it needs.


Marathon Vs Sprint

It takes times, long time to build institutions that last & leave a global impact. Ensure that you think ahead, don’t compare yourself with the world & follow your path of ensuring value creation through the test of time. Compounding a the most underrated philosophy which gives returns in magnitude multiples.


Passion Economy

Building institutions take time / energy / relentless focus / dedication & indominable will to not quit in times of distress. You’re almost guaranteed that you’ll never achieve something worthwhile until you follow your heart. Every individual is different, we’re excited / ignited by different thoughts. For me business is my passion, I would want to die doing business, building products that can be scaled. For someone it may / may not. Behind every successful institution is a human oddly mad for the mission. Solve a mission closest to your heart & you’ll not work for a day.


Health & Wellness

Human time on this planet is expressed via existence. Survivorship bias is the strongest bias that exists according to me. A lot of people don’t focus on health. The term health has been beautifully defined by WHO: Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Along with physical health, maintaining positive mental health in today’s day & age is extremely essential. The only way to achieve overall positive health is to stay lean, consume that you require not more. Ensure you feed on positive food, exclude junk, keep hydrated, meditate & so on. I cannot emphasize enough. Focus on health, there is nothing more important than this.

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