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The story behind naming our startup ‘Innov8'!

So this is an interesting one!

The story of how we decided on the name ‘Innov8’.

When the why is clear, the how is easy.

Now what is our ‘why’?

To understand more of the story behind Innov8, you should know the ‘why’ of our mission. We are passionate (I would say deeply passionate) about entrepreneurship & community building. We believe that India has the potential to become the largest Silicon Valley in the world. What we need, is Innovation. Innovation is classy! Its sexy. Thats what we need to harness in our youth, in our entrepreneurs & our students.

And the best part is that, Innovation is not something that can be learnt, its a mindset which has to be harnessed & built through collaboration & idea pollination. We were clear from day 1 that we need to name the campus around Innovation.

So what all names did we have apart from Innov8?

We had names like ICABOX, Innovation Cloud, Infinity etc. ICABOX stands for Innovate | Create | Accelerate. But somehow not catchy enough. We thought, lets stick to something people can relate & understand easily.

We stand for Innovation in work style & collaboration. We even thought of naming it ‘Innovate’. But while reading my daily news I saw the significance of the number ‘8’ & how it reflects the power of infinity. & it struck me, INNOV8, Innovate to the Infinity.

8 stands for infinity, Innov stands for Innovation. We are building India’s best Thought Centre. Innovation is the next revolution in the country. Its a verb as well as a noun. For eg. ‘I am going to Innov8’, expressing both as a verb & a noun.

And thats the story of how we came out with Innov8!

When it comes to logo, we got the best mind when it comes to design & minimalism (Rahul Pande). Do check out his behance profile! He helped us realise our vision, made a super appealing & colourfully sexy logo. Innov8’s logo is very close to the logo of Project Guerrilla (when we talk about colours).

Earlier we had this logo:

But we changes this one (because it had the Apple copyrighted Sanfransisco Font, didn’t want to upset the big guys from Cupertino) & we came up with a simpler one:

Thats not the end of it!

We are coming out with better collaboration methods & community building exercises. We Innov8 every day! in everything that we do. We want to be different from the masses & be the best of what we can provide to the working population of India.

We have a simple mission in mind: Collaborate Ideas | Revolutionise Work.

With that in mind, today as we cater to enterprise clients, unicorn startups, freelancers, NGO's, student entrepreneurs, we realised we needed a more mature representation of our brand, so this is what our current logo is: (Last for now but not the least, we will keep on iterating, evolution is the key to a brand, change is the only constant)

Dr Ritesh Malik (Founder, Innov8)

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